On this “nothing held back” two-hour intensive bootcamp, 
Mr. Breakouts will show you…
How to Create Your Own BreakOut Trading Revolution for the Ultimate Freedom!
A complete framework, code and tools for TradeStation, Multicharts (and MT5 coming soon!)
Tomas Nesnidal, “Mr. Breakouts,” recently published a breakthrough book, titled The BreakOut Trading Revolution.

Now he's "going deep" with the knowledge and trading wisdom contained in his new book, in a special two-hour interactive bootcamp!

Get the recording of Mr. Breakouts' Recent BreakOut Trading Revolution Implementation Bootcamp and take your algorithmic trading to the next level.

The Proprietary
Mr. Breakouts  Formula Will Transform Your Trading
If you’re like most traders, you’ve tried a lot of different approaches to reach your financial goals.

You know that trading the markets is a great way to earn outstanding returns -- for income or long-term growth -- doing something you enjoy. Best of all, it only takes a few hours a day.

But success in trading is not easy. Most traders give up after a few, or many, failed attempts. They quit trading, either out of frustration, or because they blow up their account. The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way!
The choice is yours...
For several years Tomas has helped serious, motivated traders to achieve outstanding results...
and here’s how he does it!
The BreakOut Trading Revolution Bootcamp will show you exactly how it's done
Don't be fooled by the lack of complexity. This is real trading gold.

In fact, with the Mr. Breakouts Formula, any trader can quickly and easily develop a portfolio of diversified, highly robust breakout trading strategies.

In fact, YOU can be ready to trade your new portfolio for stable, consistent gains in three simple stages!

You May Wonder...

I can hear you now. “Is it really that simple, Andrew?”

The answer is yes. It really is possible to develop robust, non-correlated strategies that can be traded together for reduced drawdowns and stable returns, in three short, easy-to-implement stages.

In fact, the whole whole process can be completed in just a few days.

And by the time you finish this dynamic two-hour event, you’ll be convinced, too!

Start Building Stable, Consistent Portfolios in Just 3 SIMPLE STAGES!
with Mr. Breakouts & Andrew Swanscott

Here’s another question we get a lot…

Does the Mr. Breakouts Formula work with a small trading account?

The answer is: YES!

You don’t need $10,000s in trading capital to put the BreakOut Trading Revolution formula to work. In fact, you can get started with a very small trading account… Using Micro Futures contracts!

Using Micro Futures contracts, you can trade a 3-strategy portfolio with only $4,000 in your account… or 6 strategies with only $6k in trading capital!

FREE BONUS: That’s why we're including our popular Micro Trading Profits course AND our Introduction to Futures Trading program -- along with the workshop replay ($494 in added value) -- at no added cost!
we'll add SIX EXTRA bonuses to make sure you get off on the right foot with your new trading program!
Mr. Breakouts Mini Smart Code ($497 value)
The all-new "version 2.0" of the EasyLanguage SmartCode you need to start automating your strategy development. We give you the code, so you don't need to know how to program. This is open code, written for TradeStation and Multicharts, but easily implemented on any platform.
Tradestation library of recommended courses, links and components ($197 value)
Tomas' personal solution for getting the quickest results developing breakout trading strategies in TradeStation.
Recommended markets, timeframes and time-templates video series ($297 value)
Answers to all your questions about how to implement the Mr. Breakouts formula with high-probability strategies for any market you might be considering. This is a huge time-saver!
The "Breakout Model in Detail" deep-dive masterclass
($297 value)
Take a deep-dive into the mechanics of the breakout trading model -- why breakout trading is the best approach for stable, consistent gains, how it works in practice, and so much more!
The "Development Process" walkthrough video
($197 value)
This is Tomas' step-by-step instruction on how to implement the strategy development process. You won't have to figure anything out by yourself... he walks you through the entire process.
The Empowered Trader Starter Pack
($254 value)
In these 2 digital issues of The Empowered Trader newsletter, you'll discover how to make a reliable living from algorithmic trading, the top 3 things successful traders do differently from most other (unsuccessful) traders, plus get access to exclusive bonus training and modeling simulators.
Multicharts Add-on Pack
($297 value)
Apply the Revolution Breakout process to the Multicharts platform. Includes bonus instruction videos, Multicharts code (in EasyLanguage format) and the exclusive "Strategy Candidates Generator" toolkit.
Upgrade to the PREMIUM Bundle and also get:
  • Everything from the Starter Bundle, PLUS:
  • ​“Gapless” indicators for flawless trading even in gappy markets
  • ​Parameter-less filters to increase robustness and reduce curve fitting
  • ​Special PREMIUM MINI BOS SMART CODE 3.0 with built-in parameter-less filters and gap-less indicators
  • ​2 bonus issues of The Empowered Trader + code + video training
  • ​Premium Smart Code walkthrough video
  • ​"Leveraging the Mini SmartCode with ChatGPT" video training
  • ​Mr Breakouts "Rapid Results Guide" for even faster results
Upgrade to the ULTRA Bundle and also get:
  • Everything from the Starter and Premium Bundles, PLUS:
  • The entire Smashing False Breakouts program ($497 value)
  • ​Discover how to avoid or even eliminate false breakout trades
  • Reduce drawdowns, increase winners and become a more profitable trader
  • 12 powerful "false breakout" busting techniques, proven to reduce or eliminate false breakout signals
  • Bonus #1 ($197 value) - Highly powerful ‘ADR’ smashing technique
  • ​Bonus #2 ($497 value) - ‘Multi-market breakout validation’ technique
  • ​Bonus #3 ($497 value) - The 'Smashing False Breakouts Smart Code'
  • ​Bonus #4 - The Smashing False Breakouts Self-Study Course, with a 7-Day Action Plan
  • ​Includes: recorded workshop, FREE ticket to the next Live event, plus all bonuses
PLUS, you also gain lifetime access to the Better Trader Academy online community. Join hundreds of ambitious, success-minded traders helping each other -- with Tomas and myself to guide them --to reach the heights of trading success!
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