The astonishing story of one man's journey from Communist oppression to ultimate trading freedom can show YOU...

How to Overthrow Soul-Crushing Losses and Gain Ultimate Freedom!

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In this amazing new book, hedge fund specialist Tomas Nesnidal -- known to the trading world as "Mr. Breakouts" -- describes the events that brought him from the darkness of totalitarian domination to the pinnacle of trading success. His breakthrough provides YOU with the exact blueprint to accomplish all your financial and personal goals, too!

Take a look at some of the topics Tomas covers in
  The BreakOut Trading Revolution:

  • From Oppression to Freedom: How a simple mindset shift opens to door to "impossible" changes.
  • ​The universal Mr. Breakouts Formula: Tomas describes the brilliant insight that led to this simple, timeless formula. Once you learn this approach, you can build breakout strategies in any market, quickly and easily.
  • Why Tomas specializes in breakout trading: There are tremendous benefits to specialization. Most traders bounce from idea to idea, just as Tomas did early in his trading career. Discover how the power and simplicity of breakout trading changed his life... and it can do the same for you!
  • The Automation Revolution: Starting with a Commodore 64 from behind the Iron Curtain, here's how Tomas learned to use computer automation to create his "hands-free" trading system.
  • BreakOut Trading Revolution Code: The book includes the code you need to get started developing and testing your own breakout strategies... no programming skills required!
  • Strategy examples from multiple markets: Tomas covers actual back test and forward analysis on several markets, so you can see exactly what you can expect when you develop your strategies.
  • Case study interviews: Hear from Mr. Breakouts' most successful students... they were once where you are now! These stories prove that anything is possible when you apply the Mr. Breakouts Formula!

Plus You Get These Great Bonuses!

  • MR. BREAKOUTS MODEL WORKBOOK (PDF) --  Exercises and best practices for implementing the Mr. Breakouts model in your trading.
  • HOW TO CROSS-VALIDATE BREAKOUT STRATEGIES (VIDEO) -- A complete walk-through on how to carry out a cross-market validation.
  • THE BREAKOUT TRADING REVOLUTION SAMPLE CODE -- Breakout trading code in downloadable format.
  • ENTRY TO THE BETTER TRADER ACADEMY COMMUNITY -- Our "guerrilla army" of rebel traders committed to creating ultimate freedom!

Advance praise for The BreakOut Trading Revolution

Although he is one of the biggest stars from Europe in the trading industry, Tomáš gracefully acknowledges other industry influences and trading educators. His energy and sincere desire to help others achieve come across in every line.

-- William Gallwas, President, Striker Securities, Inc.

The Breakout Trading Revolution is an excellent and unique user guide for all developers and systematic traders both new and experienced.

-- Martin Lembak, Account Executive / Portfolio Analyst at Striker Securities, Inc.

This deceptively simple approach, when combined with other basic trading ingredients, produces an endless supply of strategies that can be profitably automated. A byproduct is that you can add your own, “Secret Sauce,” to make strategies fit your personality and pocketbook. Read this book, learn the formula, code the strategies, and internalize how they work. Then stoke the fires of your own alchemical thinking and BreakOut as well! Five Stars!

-- Al Biddinger, Professional Trader

As a busy trader, I “didn’t have time” to read this book. But when I opened it, I couldn’t put it down! Tomas’s enthusiasm and life experiences motivate me to do and be better. The Universal Trading Formula really works…at least it has for me! Now to get creative and implement more of Tomas’ fundamentals: simple profit-taking exits, global markets, and the power of the time component. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration, Mr. Breakouts!

-- Jim Weigel, Professional Trader & Position Sizing Specialist

Tomas's story telling is engrossing and his unwavering willingness to share his endeavours is truly admirable, making for a very personable and insightful read for any aspiring trader.

-- Casey Nixon, GeoResearcher and Obsessed System Scripter

Thank you for this book Tomas. It is powerful combination of great trading idea and great trading motivation.
I can imagine how events in 1989 can reshape your thinking, because that time was full of emotions and I remember it also despite I was only 10 that time. Unfortunately was not personally in Prague, but it must have been really something :)
Thank you for big motivation to get things done.

-- Jiri Weinlich, Design Engineer

The beginning of the book was a breathtaking excursion to the past that I was part of and it really resonates within me even today...
It's very well structured, contains the major and key topics and also the Bonuses have a big value. I found very valuable also tips what to avoid, what is the dead end and where we can save our time including some recommendations for shortcuts... I read the book in one day and took a lot of notes that help me to move on in my trading journey.
I can say that the book is not hiding anything and it really provides the concept including the real code that people can get familiar with and start building their own strategies TODAY.
Considering the price vs. value that it brings, it's really unbeatable.

-- Vlado Spacil, Enthusiastic trader

About the Author

Tomas Nesnidal, a.k.a. Mr. Breakouts, has been a full-time trader for over 11 years, specializing in Breakout strategies. He is a co-founder of Better Trader Academy, and author of the Systems on the Road podcast.

He originally comes from the Czech Republic. As a youth, Tomas watched the Velvet Revolution unfold in his home country. Since then, he has traveled to 65 countries, trading from his laptop, and living his Ultimate Freedom.

In 2017, Tomas launched his own Hedge Fund specializing in breakout trading techniques. Today he manages multiple 7-figure portfolios for institutional clients, while also supporting average traders to achieve outstanding trading success! 

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